Maximize your restaurants’ and beach-clubs’ potential today

We help restaurants and beach-clubs boost revenues by providing online-booking and payment solutions

    Introducing Reservo, a leading booking platform for restaurants, beach-clubs and their clients

    We offer a comprehensive solution for efficient reservation management, optimized seating, and enhanced guest experiences. With advanced analytics, businesses can maximize profitability and drive revenue growth through targeted marketing and upselling opportunities. Reservo also empowers customers with convenient online pre-payment options, ensuring a seamless booking experience. With Reservo, businesses streamline operations, increase sales, and thrive in a competitive market.

    How it works?

    Sign up on Reservo and create your place’s profile with key details. Define your availability by setting opening hours, reservation times, and blackout dates. Customize booking settings like party size limits and lead times to suit your preferences. Enhance the customer experience by adding your menu, enabling online purchases, and accepting pre-orders.
    Inform your customers that they can now make online reservations, pre-payments, and payments for both food and drinks from your menu. This advancement will allow your hostesses to save time by efficiently handling bookings, as well as facilitating guests’ spending. With Reservo, guests will seamlessly engage with your brand through reservations, waitlists, and online orders.
    Effectively manage reservations, optimize seating capacity, and enhance guests’ experience. Utilize advanced analytics for tracking sales, identifying trends, and making data-driven decisions to maximize profitability. Leverage customer data for targeted marketing, loyalty programs, and upselling opportunities, driving revenue growth. With Reservo, restaurants and beach-clubs streamline operations, increase sales, and thrive in a competitive market.

    Why use Reservo?

    Online payments and bookings’ management
    Prepaid reservations decrease no-shows, automate payment processing to streamline operations, and capture more bookings by minimizing wait times for enhanced efficiency, ultimately leading to greater customer retention and increased sales.
    Analytics with reporting with feedbacks
    Utilizing historical reservation data and predictive analytics enables accurate demand forecasting, optimizing resource allocation and planning for staffing levels, inventory, and events. Analyzing reservation data reveals trends, preferences, and expansion opportunities. Segmentation based on reservation history facilitates personalized marketing efforts, enhancing customer engagement. Customer feedback highlights areas for improvement and directs focus accordingly.
    Integration with other systems
    Integrations with other systems streamline operations and improve customer experience through available APIs. This includes integrating with CRM systems for personalized experiences, POS systems for synchronized transactions, and Employee Scheduling and Management Software to align staffing with reservation demand.

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    Maximize your restaurant’s and beach-club’s potential today






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